Fully doxxed and fully transparent. Wait, what..?

The team is an extremely passionate and organized bunch of motivated frens seeking to disrupt the digital space with a new model. We look forward to expanding and growing the team and our community. Meet the entire team below!

dan dan's NFT

Dan ‘The Lost Boy’ Koziolek

Creator & Artist (@danthelostboy)

Dan is a recording artist and entrepreneur with a passion for artistic connection. Dan has an interest in audio NFT utilities and is a main developer, creator and manager of Project LB52. Dan has expertise in audio content creation, specifically songwriting.

matt matt's NFT

Matt McKeever

Creator & Investor (@mattmckeever85)

Matt is a CPA, serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, YouTuber and financial independence educator. Matt has an interest in sustainable crypto communities and NFT’s and is a main developer and manager of Project LB52. Matt has significant expertise in business creation and development.

abdul abdul's NFT

Abdul El Tawil

Financial Advisor (@AbdulEltawil)

Abdul is a designated CPA with many years of experience in the field of public accounting. Although he is somewhat new to the music and arts industry, he brings his knowledge and expertise from many previous public accounting clients in various industries, ranging from startups to large, mature, multinational businesses.

kyle kyle's NFT

Kyle Down

Graphic Coordinator & Financial Advisor (@K_Downy)

Kyle is a CPA and was an auditor for 3+ years before joining the team. Kyle is our lead graphic thread coder/coordinator. With Kyle’s background in auditing and his experience in computer programming he gives an extra layer of security and reassurance that every NFT will be delivered as outlined.

brandon brandon's NFT

Brandon Miller

Graphic Designer (@_6randon_)

Brandon is a self-taught muralist turned freelance Graphic Designer. Specializing in hand drawn graphics ranging from cartoons to typeface and logos. Relatively new to the world of NFT’s, Brandon embraced the challenge of bringing our SMFC avatar vision to life, leaning into his years of art experience.

peter peter's NFT

Peter Klozco

Content Design & Coordination (Hung_Experiment)

Peter is a Digital Media Specialist for Social Mediation and works tirelessly behind the scenes to create and coordinate content ensuring our media content is top quality and on time. Peter has 7+ years of social media content creation and marketing experience with a specialty in video and podcast.

hittah-beats hittah-beats's NFT

Hittah Beats

Instrumental Production (@hittahbeatz)

Hittah Beats is a young Producer from Canada with several mentionable credits. He brings his 10+ years of production experience and a reliable hard-hitting sound to the project. With a newfound interest in NFT’s and a long collaborative relationship with Dan, bringing Hittah onboard only made sense.

dmitri dmitri's NFT

Dmitri Klassen

Website Developer (@dkcustomwebsites)

Dmitri is a self-taught website designer and developer with 5+ years of experience. Dmitri has an eye for detail and a passion for quality. Dmitri loves making websites special - something that people are proud to share.

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