The Space Monkey Fight Club is a collection of 260 Space Monkey NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Space Monkey comes with the right to create your own custom song NFT. Your Space Monkey doubles as your membership and grants access to members-only benefits. Future benefits can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activations.

Give these (wanna-be) musical Monkeys some Space in your wallet.

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"The first rule of Space Monkey Fight Club is you MUST talk about Space Monkey Fight Club…" -Anon Degen Monkey

The Lore

The year is 2052 and a group of 260 genetically superior Space Monkeys are returning from an experimental expedition setup by humans to test the capabilities of life in space. Upon returning to earth the Space Monkeys are met with the shocking discovery that human life on earth has ceased to exist. The only functional equipment remaining at mission control was an old TV playing a certain 90’s cult classic movie on repeat and a flash drive full of beats. The movie and beats became their roadmap.

The Specs

Each Space Monkey is unique and hand drawn with over 132 possible traits, including Weight Class, Eyes, Mouth, Clothing, and much more. Each and every Space Monkey is randomized and 100% handmade! All Space Monkeys are “special” but some are more special than others. Each Space Monkey comes with the rights to their own custom song NFT with direct song input. This is about community and art - your value is not a f*cking unique trait count.

The Space Monkeys are stored as ERC-1155 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing a Space Monkey costs 1 ETH + Gas.


What Do I Get?

The Numbers
Project LB52 x Space Monkey Fight Club
2 Unique Token Types:

Buying with Project LB52 you receive the following:
2 Separate NFT’s:

> 1 Unique Space Monkey Avatar NFT (upon purchase)

> 1 Unique Custom Song NFT w. Cover Art (free airdrop)

-100% Commercial Rights to Artwork + Song (see Terms & Conditions)
-Ongoing Membership Value + VIP Priority
-Access to Dan The Lost Boy + Future Ventures
-Exclusive Community Access Benefits

Token Token Token

Token Examples

No Monkey Business

Buying a Project LB52 Space Monkey bundle costs 1ETH + gas.

5 Seasons, 52 Tokens per Season

There are only 260 available for purchase!

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Note: (15) Space Monkeys will be created for Honorary Primates who supported Project LB52 in its infancy stages, these will be a separate official collection - “Space Monkey Fight Club Honorary Primates”. These will be for the creators, team members and community giveaways. 275 Space Monkeys Total (Gen 1)

The Roadmap - Season 1

Once we sell through a target percentage goal we will begin working to realize the goals community value. Remember you friggin’ degenerate Monkeys, 5 Seasons means 5x the potential community value.

0% Sold

0% Sold

Pre-Launch Slots Unlocked! Chance to get direct input on the Space Monkey Fight Club Theme Song through Discord suggestion box.

25% Sold

25% Sold

We pay our bills and do a happy dance! Airdrop of a surprise music NFT to holders.

50% Sold

50% Sold

Space Monkey Fight Club Theme Song Unlocked! (wen community wallet for streams income ser?) Personalized shoutout video for each token holder.

75% Sold

75% Sold

Space Monkey Fight Club Spotify and Audius pages Unlocked! Grow the Team! Hire and scale, scale, scale!

100% Sold

100% Sold

Holy Sh!t?! We love duh Monkeys!
-Super secret surprise unlocked!
-Season 2 Unlocked!
-Space Monkey Music Fest unlocked!

There are bound to be more giveaways, collaborations, art contests, and plenty more community value delivered, but it wouldn’t be right to promise what isn’t set in stone. Community value is our top priority. 5 Seasons = 5 times the value.

Token Token

Dan Koziolek

Token Token

Matt McKeever

The Team

The Project LB52 creators consist of 2 Canadian sers that have a passion for de-fi technology and creating community. Developed by Dan Koziolek and Matt McKeever, Project LB52 is so much larger than an audio or digital collectible - our aim is to create an undisputedly strong community that was born digitally and evolves organically IRL. Meet the entire team here!

Still want more information? Like to read? Review our full comprehensive whitepaper here: LEGAL BS

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